Alaskan Bike Lane

Death By Redux: Let’s Start Again… In Alaska.

You and I, we started on the wrong foot. I’ve made so many blogs, I don’t know what to do with them all. I start strong, making 3-4 blog posts a week, pretty much covering everything but anything. They’re a mess. No structure, no rhyme or reason. For some bloggers, that works. For me, the motivation for keeping up with a blog teeters off pretty quickly, leaving yet another one in the vast graveyard of unkempt hobbies of my past.

But not this time, not with this blog, with which I love the name of so much. I’ve laid it out on a new theme, and I have a new goal in mind to keep it going. For good.

This blog will be known for my venture into 2nd Adulthood. It’s just like the first wave of Adulthood, but for serious this time. With more traveling, more goal orientation, more living. The term “Death by,” to me, means not knowing where it all ends. Death by what? Death by natural causes? Death by trampoline? Death by association? The point is not knowing, and attempting everything I want to do, until it hits me. 

Today is February 1st (at least during the time of writing this), and my girlfriend and I have decided to move to Narnia Alaska, (or what I will call from now on until the end of this sentence, Alaskanada [uh-lass-Canada]), at the end of the month. We fly out on the 20th, so consider this post the beginning of my countdown to take off. And to commemorate this wondrous occasion, I’m going to give you a little recap of all the exciting and surprising things that have happened to me that led me to this interesting fork in the road and/or bowl of cereal we call Life. Continue reading